Santa Clarita just got hit with a 17% increase in active inventory

Radio show by REMAX of Valencia TeamDuring our daily Santa Clarita real estate radio show, we don’t hold back any punches.

Today, after doing the math, we discovered that we have found we have an additional 17% increase over March with the Total Active Inventory.

That is both good news for buyers and sellers.

For Buyers – that means their choices are more than they had even two months ago.

For Sellers – that is to their advantage because we are no where a “surplus” due to high buyer demand in the present Real Estate market.

During the next few months, we will have even more active inventory. For the Sellers, if Buyer Demand continues being as strong as we have seen since Mid March 2015 – they are going to be able to mandate a premium for their homes they are having us sell.

We will continue to keep you updated with our Santa Clarita real estate housing reports and report to you via our Santa Clarita radio show.

We have a seven day a week format and want our clients to be the most educated in the process, inventory and knowledge of real estate.

During the week, tune in to enjoy shows like our Hump Day Wednesday real estate broadcast.

During our Santa Clarita Foreclosure and Distressed real estate show, we get into the active foreclosure and bank owned inventory. We also give some insight as to how our Distressed real estate market is fairing.

During last week’s Foreclosure Radio Show, we conveyed that the Distressed real estate market is returning back to “pre crash” levels.

There are a couple of items to watch out for reference the pre foreclosures and short sales that will be coming in 2015.

We are not at peak prices, we are still 12%ish off of the peak we experienced back in late 2006 and early 2007.

My REMAX of Valencia CA Real Estate Team, known as Paris911, will keep you in the “know”!

Reach out to us when you are ready and please know that we will keep the light on for you!

Sometimes Santa Clarita Lenders want what seems like too much

When you are poised and ready to buy a home, maybe you have met your agent, for the first time, at a specific listing.

Unfortunately, that does serve you well and will cause you to end up in frustration at some point, in the home buying or selling process.

We with the Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia are HUGE advocates of the “in person” meeting before you sign anything!

We call it our crash course on real estate and we are not teaching you to be real estate agents, we are teaching you about how to best protect yourself.

We cover all the players, the pitfalls and scenarios that we have learned from our Full Time Real estate Experience gathered since 1998. We cover those things that have occurred that have cause real estate buyers and sellers pain.

While the pain maybe part of some real estate transactions, depending on the caliber of agent on the other side and the many personalities involved, most can be “prepared for”.

This is the reason for the Crash Course on real estate we hold at our REMAX of Valencia CA Offices.

Knowledge is power for a real estate buyer:

REMAX of Valencia Offices

How to buy a home and do it well

We want you to know the questions to ask a local Real Estate Lender. How can you set them up to get your very best deal on interest rate?

What about the Good Faith Estimate, why is that document so important and why do you want more than one?

Should you ask for copies of your credit report from your lender and why is their different than the free online services that send credit reports?

Searching for Santa Clarita real estate, why is Zillow behind and lacking some of the current real estate listings for sale?

Why do you see certain listings on Zillow that are not really for sale?

We cover how those who are DIY oriented search in the best ways, on the best systems, for homes and real estate for sale.

Is there really a way to buy a home with nothing down and zero out of pocket?  We get into this and you will be surprised at the answer!

I’m Connor with REMAX of Valencia. I’m looking forward to speaking with you and let us know when you are ready for our crash course on real estate.


Are you actually finding all of the real estate listings

When searching online, some of the real estate websites are playing you. They are giving you information that is no longer relevant.

Find out what your home is worth

This applies to the real estate listings they are showing you when you are on their websites.

The way in which to verify what you are looking at is the actual listings is to use a Real Multiple Listing Service Search. However, when you do so, you may never go back to those other real estate search systems.

The Multiple Listing Service is the location and the feed provided by the Local Board of Realtors.

If the system is functioning optimally, you will see those listings updated in the system every 7 to 10 minutes.

There are three categories for the Real Estate listings that you are going to see on the Multiple Listing Service and they don't include the “off market” status which is the real estate syndication website's hook!

Active – Those real estate listings that are actually for sale now, presently and currently.

Backup – Those real estate listings that are in escrow, but where the seller's would like an additional offer to have in case the accepted offer falls out.

Pending – The real estate listings where the seller would not like any additional offers or viewings, where they are quite sure the offer they have received is going to make it to the finish line. (some syndication websites show this status as being active and for sale)

These are the three primary statuses within the online channels and on the Multiple Listing Service. Try


Searching the Santa Clarita Multiple Listing Service

When it comes to searching the Santa Clarita Multiple Listing Service, there is no better place with more updated listing than our MLSbest Real Estate MLS search site.

Search the MLSWhen Paris and I started in the real estate business, in 1998, we wanted to give our clients the best in Real Estate Search.

Since that time, we have seen a multitude of real estate websites that have come about which mislead the public.

We then devised a website that has the true Multiple Listing Service showing all of the available real estate listings for the Santa Clarita Valley and Greater Los Angeles areas.

Both Paris and I knew this was the right way to go when no others were paving the way toward good real estate search.

With 7-10 minute updates and our users being able to have the latest listing emailed directly to them that meet their criteria, we knew we had a hit.

Before the time of the expansion of the World Wide Web (WWW), we had to rely on real estate agent that may not have been very transparent.

Today every single real estate listing is able to be verified and our system is mandated as being accurate.

We are with REMAX of Valencia CA, and we are proud to be of service when it comes to all of your real estate needs. Enjoy the MLSbest presentation on YouTube and we hope to meet with you soon to assist!

REMAX of Valencia California presents the Realtor Update 2015.124

The real estate update for Valencia California and the other Santa Clarita Cities is now live via our Daily Monday Market Update radio show.

You are able to tune into our latest real estate show at our main site, front and center in the player.

This youtube video is going to take you through a few of our Santa Clarita Cities.

To see all of the reports, one posted for each of the Santa Clarita Valley cities, all you have to do it type in the words:  market updates  – into the MacBoX in the margin of this REMAX of Valencia Blog site.

Throughout the week we are going to be hitting on some of the top real estate topics as they pertain to Real Estate in Valencia and within the other SCV Cities, where we are active with our client representation.

Enjoy the video we produced and let us know when you are ready for our assistance.


Selling your Santa Clarita Home with the most recognized real estate brand in the world

weare_whitecircleWhen it comes down to selling your Santa Clarita, Valencia or greater Los Angeles area home, you will have many choices.

Of those choices, there is only one brand that “stands above the crowd” on a “recognition based scale”.

That is REMAXRE/MAX is the top Brand in the United States and in the World that people recognize when they are searching online for homes, when they are seeing the famous red/white and blue real estate sign, when they pick up a RE/MAX branded flyer or business card and when I knock on their door announcing a new listing by answering their question of “who is it?” – “It’s Connor MacIvor with RE/MAX!”

They get it and typically people are receptive. A lot more receptive than saying “Cloak and Dagger real estate company…”

Remax – the name alone has been branded to describe success. The success of the home seller and the home buyer. Finding out who fits that “bill” is necessary when it comes to embarking on buying or selling real estate.

Which Local REMAX of Valencia CA Realtor is going to be your best fit. May we suggest having Connor MacIvor on the invite list to your listing before you select a Realtor?

You will be glad you did and able to ride on the “advertising and marketing” success that The REMAX of Valencia CA Paris911 Team has experienced when it comes to their local brand, not to mention the success of their home buyers and home sellers.

BTW – we have a seven day a week radio show that you will enjoy. It’s all about the local Real Estate market in the SCV Cities and we are glad to offer it to you for a listen.

All you have to do is tune in Front and Center is the radio player at our Main Santa Clarita RE website.

Latest Santa Clarita and Valencia Radio show for lending

We are Realtors with REMAX of Valencia, we are not lenders. However, it takes the best of Realtors to know the best in the lending profession.

Today is our Truth in Lending real estate radio show and we here at REMAX of Valencia, want you to know we have you covered when it comes to the best intel on all those vendors that are within the real estate realm.

During our show today, we discussed what it is to get pre approved and Debt to income ratio – DTI.

To get pre approved, pre qualified or an Underwriter's approval, you must first give up some necessary documentation. To just give a lender some number over the phone with no documentation to back it up, that is not a “real” pre qualification – that is BS.

If that is what happens to you when you have approached a lender, you need to think twice when it comes to going the distance with said lender.

Another tip that I shared on today's Truth in Lending REMAX Radio Show – was how to keep track of the documents that you turn into the lender.

Make a folder or “personalized box” within your computer or email program. Label it lending documents and put everything you give to your lender inside.

This will save you headaches if and when you desire to switch lenders of if you are asked for the same documentation again from the same lender (which happens way to often, btw).

This is the mechanics of it. Let's say you don't have a scanner or copy machine. When you take anything to the lender, have them scan all of your documents, everything you give them, and email them back to you.

If you have a “great realtor :) ” – then give your lending paperwork to them, have them scan it to you and the lender. Take all of those emails and place them into the folder you created in your email program. Or download all of those files and place them into the folder on your computer you made for this very purpose.

Tune into our Daily Santa Clarita real estate radio show at and when you do, you can view past episodes of our Truth in Lending real estate podcast that happens every Thursday of every week.

Thanks for taking the time to read this information related to Lending and Lenders in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities, we are proud to be of service to you and hope to hear from you soon.

I'm Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Valencia CA's Paris911's Team of Realtors. Click on the email address at the top of this post or call me at the phone number, be safe!


23209 Beachcomber Lane, Valencia CA Bridgeport Valencia Home for Sale

When we list real estate, we have several, (X a bunch), of things that we do to promote each of our listings.

When procuring a real estate listing, we have to get the sellers motivated to make it photoready. When they do, I am able to take those photos and publish them online on all of the different “paris911″ channels.

We are not only about uploading the listing to the Multiple Listing Service.

To do a real estate seller service, the listing has also to be uploaded, by “direct upload” by the real estate agent to a multitude of other “Real Estate” Websites.

This is our REMAX of Valencia Blog. This is one of the sites which the listing is uploaded. By clicking on the flyer below – you will see that it goes to our YouTube Video Channel for Real Estate.

When you “Google” the address – 23209 Brooke Lane, Valencia CA, 91355, you will see that our YouTube video is on page 1 within the organic search results.

For our Real Estate Sellers – this is pure advantage over those others that lack the gear to serve on the listing side within the Santa Clarita real estate business.

Enjoy the YouTube Video. BTW – this home entered escrow within only 3 days after it was placed onto the market for sale! – Congrats to our sellers and our Real estate Buyer!
Bridgeport in Valencia CA home

We are REMAX of Valencia

Top REMAX of Valencia RealtorsWe are with the RE/MAX of Valencia CA Paris911 Team of Realtors.

During our weekly real estate radio show we cover most of the SCV Cities, including exacting real estate data on Valencia CA.

Today we did our Foreclosure Market update Wednesday’s report.

We spoke about some of the best ways in which to grab onto a Foreclosure deal.

With approximately 21 bank owned Real Estate Owned properties on the active market in the Valencia and Santa Clarita Cities, we see this number up from the 13 of last week.

There was rumor about the 10 year adjustable notes that had been written, hand over fist, back in 2005. 2015 is the year of their maturation.

More to come about these “potential” foreclosures in the coming weeks.

For access to our Foreclosure real estate radio show on Wednesdays, all you have to do is hit our Main Radio Station on Wednesday afternoons.


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