Two new Valencia CA Real Estate listings for sale by REMAX

We get real estate listings often and we are very thankful to our Paris911 clientele that trust us with selling their most “expensive” asset – their real estate.

Today, Paris and I would like to bring you two new real estate listings that are for sale:

You will see the first is located in Valencia – across the street from Granary Square.

It’s a one bedroom condo that has an accessible single car garage with storage below the living space.

The owner paid strict attention to detail with regard to many different technologies therein, including the installation of a NEST thermostat. This device is quite handy, allowing you to adjust the temperature from your smartphone or mobile device when away. He loves it on the hot summer days, when preparing to leave from work, he pulls up the NEST app and set’s his A/C to cool his home. When he gets home, he arrives to a cool and cozy atmosphere, already cooled and prepared for his arrival!

This one is a very large and well adorned 5 bedroom home in Valencia CA.

The owners of this home did not want the view of the High Frequency Power lines that are able to be seen from the homes across the street. So they opted for a more private back yard.

You will notice that the home has exceptional curb appeal, a large driveway and it also has a three car garage with two tandem full sized spaces and a single space next to the double one.

Inside of this home you will find 18″ ceramic tile floors, Cherry Wood Banister and Wrought iron Banister supports.

There is a formal dining room with a butlers pantry between the Upgraded Kitchen and Formal Dining area.

Custom Wood Shutters are installed on the lower level of this Valencia CA home.

The kitchen has double islands with sinks in each. It also has vast amounts of cabinet space with granite atop of the counters and islands.  “At Island” seating is a true bonus.

Off of the kitchen there is a Kitchen Eating Area that has access doors to the entertainers back yard.

Some of the other “points of interest” for those searching for real estate maybe the bottom level master bedroom and bathroom, located on the first floor, this oversized bedroom is sure not to disappoint.

Enjoy the YouTube Videos of the Virtual Tours we have produced and reach out to my Team so we may schedule a private showing of each of these Valencia Residences.

The latest Valencia CA and Santa Clarita Housing Update

Our Thursdays truth in lending broadcast gets us into the realm of email verification.Make sure you understand what you were told

After you speak with your broker, realtor or lender, make sure you follow up the conversation via email.

That is if  you want to “make the record” about any substance that was derived from the conversation.

Say for example your lender tells you that you are, “Guranteed a 3.5% interest rate”.

I’d follow it by an email such as:

“Hey Greg, It’s Connor MacIvor, we just spoke over the phone when I called your cellular phone.

You said that I as guaranteed a 3.5% interest rate, no matter when I found a home.

I just wanted to confirm what we discussed – thanks Greg for all your hard work…

Connor MacIvor”

Making the “record” does not hurt no matter who you are dealing with within the real estate realm.

Be safe – I hope this tip helps you get what you want and FTR – For the Record, I’m Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Valencia CA!

REMAX of Valencia First time buyer course held at our offices presents the Gouge Factor

real estate representativesWhat is the first thing we explain to our real estate buyers at REMAX of Valencia California?

We make sure they are well covered when it comes to preparing to buy a home, condo or a town home.

This includes a dissertation on what questions to ask a lender when it comes to getting the loan prepared and approved.

Some of our real estate buyers want us to double check the lender figures – and while we are not lenders – we are realtors, we do know what are ‘typical’ fees from a mortgage lender and what may appear to be “excessive” fees for a mortgage broker or bank.

Most of the time, when you are entering the home buying process with a VA loan – those loans for Veterans, you can rest assured that the “gouge factor” is going to be less than the other loan types.

With an FHA and Conventional Loan – the “Gouge factor” may be a lot higher!

In some circumstances, these fees can be more than you have bargained for when it comes to buying your Santa Clarita home.

Back in the heyday of real estate, just before the market broke in 2006/2007, we observed that some other real estate buyers clients were getting “gouged” in the worst of ways.

Their lender was also their real estate agent and taking full advantage of that fact.

We observed fees exceeding 3% of the purchase price for originating the loan.

Folks – no matter how you slice that, it ends up ugly.

We also noted that the real estate agent/lender who was representing them on the purchase also was charging them a commission to buy through them – at the cost of 3 percent.

When a buyer wants to buy a home, their agent, the one they have chosen to represent them in the purchase of a home, is not part of their costs. They are being compensated by the real estate seller. The real estate seller, even if represented by another realtor, has factored in their commission – the commission for the agent representing the real estate buyer.

Make sure you interview our team when you are ready to embark on your real estate journey.

I’m Connor MacIvor with RE/MAX of Valencia and I am the team leader, proud to be of service!

What are Millennials looking for in a Realtor

I can attest to all of these. Responsiveness, knowledge, negotiation power and aggressiveness.

With our current Millennial clients, they want to make sure I’m on the job.

They want me to respond, even it it’s with, “I have your email or text message and will be responding shortly…”

We know that these are the buyers of the present and future.

It comes down to being there for your client as a realtor.

Letting them know they are a priority and if they weren’t using you, you’d not be in business.

However, the BETTER PART comes down to being informative – having the knowledge that gives the buyer or seller a positive ability to perform throughout each and every transaction.

That is where our “crash course” on real estate comes into play.

millennials and home searching

How to find Valencia Foreclosures and Distressed Homes

REMAX in ValenciaWhen wanting to search for Valencia Foreclosures in the Santa Clarita Valley, all you need is the “hook up”.

Here are a few things that our Valencia CA real estate buyers mandate we do:

  • Search for the listings ourselves
  • Give our Valencia Home Clients the ability to search the real home listing themselves
  • Reach out to them when we find something new
  • Monitor the “pocket listing” channels in Valencia
  • Keep track of the Foreclosure and Distressed inventory just in case something fits their needs

These are the 5 things that any savvy Valencia home buyer would want, if they knew better.

Make sure you tune into our Daily Santa Clarita real estate radio show.

You can find more about us by heading to our About Us page. Be safe – and thanks for taking the time to review how a Real Estate agent should be working for you!

Valencia CA Real Estate Daily Inventory Numbers 2015.031

Happy real estate buyers in ValenciaHere is the breakdown for Valencia CA real estate and the local housing numbers covering the past 24 hours and current statuses.

Within Valencia CA we have different housing types as exist within most cities. We have Single Family Residences that are detached and attached.

In Valencia CA we also have Condominiums that are mostly attached.

Within the Townhouse realm, we have some that are detached and some that are attached.

Price Ranges span from Millions of Dollars to the low point of 220k to 300k for a nice, centrally located Condo.

Currently in Valencia CA for today’s daily recap we have 142 total active real estate listings for sale. You can gain access by heading to our Top Valencia CA Website and by typing in the word Valencia into the MaCBoX at the top of the screen.

Valencia Single Family Residences that are Attached:  8

Valencia Single Family Residences that are Detached:  78

Detached Valencia CA Condos:  2

Attached Valencia CA Condos:  25

Townhouses that are Detached:  2

Townhouses that are Attached:  23

When you are looking for real estate and homes that are for sale – the safest best is those which are “active”.

Those that are in escrow, within the BackUp Position, may not be as that status intends.  Backup is supposed to mean that those homes, condos and townhomes are available for viewing and those sellers want additional offers to be written.

However, the local realtors know that if they put a home, which is in escrow, in backup status, there is a big change they are going to be able to get additional leads on that property. So they use the backup status when no additional viewings are allowed and when the sellers don’t want additional offers.

Please reach out to your Valencia CA Realtors – Connor MacIvor, my phone number is in the header of this blog and I can of course be googled, at will, to see more about me.

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Valencia California real estate daily show is out by REMAX 2015-029

Valencia CA Foreclosure Experts paris911Today we are currently tracking 83 homes for sale in the City of Valencia – Which is located in the Santa Clarita Valley.

We are monitoring 29 Condos for Sale in Valencia that are currently in the “active” status.

And – 29 Town homes that are in the active status in Valencia CA as well.

It’s hard to believe we are tied – but that is the way it is today.

When searching for real estate in Valencia CA – one of the things you want to make sure of is what type of Results the site on which you are searching is providing.

Meaning – are they showing you real estate listings in order to trick you?  Are they showing Sold Inventory in Valencia because they are wanting to mislead you?

Why don’t real estate websites for Valencia CA real estate, or real estate listings elsewhere, say what types of listings they are showing on their systems?

Here is what I mean – Below, on the map, are only active real estate listings in Valencia CA zip codes 91355 and 91354.

That’s it – No listings in Back Up position – No real estate listings in the Pending Status of Escrow and No homes that have closed escrow and have sold.

Just the active real estate listings in Valencia CA.

BTW – there is never any registration required to search any of our actual Multiple Listing Service powered systems. You never have to give up who you are or email address.

The only reason our clients to is first, they trust us and know us. Second, they want the new listings emailed directly to them once they hit the Valencia CA resale market.

Click on the search tab to discover the latest in real estate listings that are for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley city of Valencia and let me know when I may be of assistance.

Most Recent Valencia CA Listings – The top 7!

Real Estate Buyers and Sellers are late in seeking out realtors

REMAX offices in ValenciaRE/MAX of Valencia CA has some resources that will assist our clients in understanding the real estate processes.

One of the things that most real estate agent’s don’t realize today is how “educated” the real estate buyers and sellers are.

In fact, they contact a real estate agent much later in the buying/selling decision making process.

Before, buyers and sellers of the world had no choice when it came to the “education part” of buying or selling real estate.

They had to contact a real estate agent, enter their office, and be sold to.

Today, people hate to be sold to. They hate it.

People of the world don’t mind buying, but not from someone that is going to be in a high pressure way.

During your decision making process, we would like the honor to be your keystone.

Those you will go to in order to get the information prior to scheduling any “in person” appointments.

Here are some macBoX resources you can use that our Buyers and Sellers Love.

Real Estate buyers want to know about the process of buying a home. We have our Buyer’s Video Series that has been programmed into our MacboX.

You will see the red box at the top right of this page.  Type in the words:  Video 1  -Directly into it to start the series.

For sellers, most want to know what the information about how the BEST realtors list and sell homes.  View a Top Team’s listing presentation by typing in the words:  Listing Presentation   -Into the MacBoX – to the right!

REMAX of Valencia CA on Google local business listings – We are Verified

remax of valencia local business pages

For more information about our Paris911 Team type in the word: about  – Into the MacboX (the red thing to the right of this text. It’s our Custom Search Engine for our Clients.

This was by no small feat. It has taken a lot of work to maintain our placement on Google Plus local business pages.

We get calls from time to time to verify our local listing from Google.

These calls are not from telemarketers, but from Google Directly.

We answer the phone and if we don’t we get banned.  They don’t play games at Google.

This especially the case when their placement only needs to verified to be free.

The large Real Estate Syndication websites like Trulia and Zillow cannot appear in this place on Google.

Even Google knows who the local real estate experts are. This means they understand that there is a certain amount of “knowledge and experience” outside of their lead generation and algorithmic model for real estate.

We are The Paris911 Team from RE/MAX of Valencia CA. Please let me know if we need to help you in any way!