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Great Saugus California real estate listing home for sale on Paragon Drive

This home is currently listed for sale. Located at 22448 Paragon Drive, Saugus CA 91350.Saugus CA real estate listing

This home in Saugus CA has 1358 square feet and is located on a 13064 square foot lot. Offered by REMAX of Valencia CA and The Paris911 Team.

The home has 5 total rooms, three bedrooms and two full bathrooms.

Located in the Mountain View West Tract within the Bouquet Canyon Area of Saugus California.

Let’s talk curb appeal in the winter when the green has gone

Santa Clarita real estate home sales agentsWhile we are located in California, and within California, at least Southern, we don’t get much, if any, snow.

However, we do get the green going away as we approach the fall and get into the winter months. While some types of lawn stay green, depending on how cold it gets, some don’t.

If you have one of those lawns that doesn’t stay green, there is not much you can do to improve that in a buyers mind when they are looking at your home for sale.

Alternatively, you can pay attention to the entrance and make that the focal point of your home. By keeping the paint fresh, the porch or walkway uncluttered, clean and well lit with focused lighting, the yellow lawn will not matter.

We also explain to our sellers, that you never get the second chance to make a first impression when it comes to having your home viewed by a real estate buyers.

Buyers are looking for homes that beat out the competition. They want show ready and “move in now” real estate. They like warmth and clutter free homes and residences when viewing.

Thanks for watching our REMAX Fit to Sell Series and come back to view additional videos when you are ready to hire our real estate team in the Santa Clarita Valley.

For your home seller’s checklist that was spoken about, Get your REMAX of Santa Clarita Home sellers checklist.


Valencia California Neighborhoods | Welcome to Bridgeport in Valencia

When it comes to real estate searches by neighborhoods, we are local REMAX Realtors and have our fingers on the pulse. Notice, it’s not just one finger…

We built pages recently via our YouTube playlists that show you exactly what each specific neighborhood has to offer when Bridgeport in Valencia real estate and homeslooking for Valencia CA homes for Sale.

One of our Latest Valencia CA real estate consultation pages was built for Bridgeport in Valencia CA.

With the ability to view all of the real estate currently for sale in the Bridgeport of Valencia CA area and how you can find out what any home is worth therein, we have a one stop shop for Bridgeport sellers and Bridgeport buyers of real estate and homes.

Enjoy our latest YouTube Video and for access to the Intel on the Bridgeport of Valencia real estate page – checkout the links below:


Santa Clarita Real Estate Open House to be held on Labor Day

Santa Clarita Open HousesWhen our REMAX of Valencia Team hosts open houses, we do it right within the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

View the Valencia CA Open House to be held on Labor Day

This includes the Valencia CA areas, local cities and those homes that are truly available for sale.

Sometimes our clients call us to verify what we told them as being true. They venture around and see open houses that are not for sale any longer. They are in some form of escrow

Hosting an open house at a home that is not on the “active” market defeats the purpose of hosting an open house as a seller benefit.

However, hosting any open house always proves to be good for the agent hosting said home open.

That is because, if done right, they will have a bunch of information that every real estate buyer passing through will find helpful with their home buying experience.

The latest Valencia CA open house that will be held by our local REMAX of Valencia CA Team will be held on Regents Circle in the Summit of Valencia California.

This home is almost 4,000 square feet with a pool and a view.

If you have not seen the Summit Area in Valencia CA – you are doing yourself a disservice.

Be safe when viewing open houses in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities, reach out to my REMAX of Valencia CA Realtor Team to see what we have to offer in the way of the “best deals” on homes and real estate for sale.

REMAX of Valencia presents, how to find the newest listings in Santa Clarita

Hey Friends, It’s Connor and Paris with RE/MAX of Valencia California.

REMAX of Valencia Comparing real estate listingsHere is a quick youtube video we put together today that shows where you can find the new listings. With 7 to 15 minute updates, this is the actual Multiple Listing Service for the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

When you arrive at our Main Santa Clarita real estate website, you will see several options to search for homes. However, if you scroll down below the fold, you will see the latest additions to the homes, condos and townhomes that are currently listed for sale.

We have many clients head back to our Main Page to see the New Real Estate Listing updates within minutes of them being published within the Multiple Listing Service.

You are not only going to see the RE/MAX of Valencia Office Listings, but all of the Brokerages that have listings in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

In addition, you will be able to listen to our most recent Santa Clarita real estate radio broadcast. Our daily show is brought to you by REMAX of Valencia and our Paris911 Team of Realtors.

Paris911? Paris is a real live person, not that person :) – one of the Team Leaders at REMAX of Valencia. I was the 911 for over 20 years, full time LAPD service coupled with working as a Full Line Reserve with the LAPD.

When you are ready to put your best foot forward with regarding to selling and or buying a home in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities, call me so I can suit up and get it done for you.

New REMAX of Valencia CA Video Series for real estate home buyers

Voted best choice amongst real estate agents in Santa Clarita CAWe have been hard at work for our RE/MAX of Valencia CA clientele. They wanted to get our Santa Clarita crash course on real estate via video.

We have performed and then produced a complete real estate video series taking a Santa Clarita and Greater Los Angeles real estate buyer from thinking about buying real estate through the “submitting” of an offer,

In fact, anywhere we represent our REMAX of Valencia CA real estate buyers, this video series of 15 cutting edge, informative videos, will produce a knowledge base beyond most real estate buyers, even the savvy ones.

Access Point:  View Video number 1 in the Santa Clarita real estate buyer series

After you view the first video in our Buyers of homes series, you will see the link below to the next video in the series.

It’s not like reality TV. We are not trapped on an island or being watched by big brother.

I’m talking real estate from a buyers experience through the expert eyes of someone that has represented thousands of people wanting to buy homes in the Santa Clarita Valley and in the Surrounding Los Angeles communities.

When you are finished with the series, you will be certified as, “capable above most” in the real estate buyer spectrum.

I’m working on the “certificate” now :)

Be safe – search well and make sure you are working with a Real Estate Expert when approaching the buying venue within the cities you are interested in.

If you are those interested in the Santa Clarita Valley or Greater Los Angeles Areas, directly reach out to The Paris911 Team of Realtors. The phone number is at the top of this page…

Valencia California real estate Experts with RE/MAX of Valencia

Real Estate Listings for Valencia CA UpdatedThe latest installment of our Valencia and Santa Clarita CA real estate radio show can be listened to at our Santa Clarita real estate Paris911 Home Page.

We have also placed up our Real Estate YouTube Channel at the domain name to make it move convientent to access.

During the past couple of days I have been working on specific pages for Valencia CA real estate and homes by price ranges.

As you can see I have also installed the following in the margin of our REMAX of Valencia CA Blog.

Just a word about the properties you will find on the Valencia CA Links via the Multiple Listing Service.

The lag is minimal. Meaning, when you are searching on a “non multiple listing service” website, you are going to encounter a much longer lag. This is because I have to be a Licensed Realtor and a Member of the Board of Realtors to get the specific Multiple Listing Service Data directly from the source, with no middle man.

The real estate syndication websites are not licensed brokers, nor are they Realtors, some Boards even have rules in place not to allow the new real estate listings from being published on their websites for 48-72 hours, and even longer.

This system is the REAL Multiple Listing Service. It updates every 7 to 15 minutes, so please enjoy.

In Valencia California There are 14 specific areas that you can browse for real estate listings:

  • Valencia 1 Area
  • Valencia Belcaro Area
  • Valencia North Area
  • Valencia Bridgeport Area
  • Valencia Creekside Area
  • Valencia Copperhill Area
  • Valencia Northbridge Area
  • Tesoro del Valle Area
  • Valencia West Hills Area
  • Valencia West Creek Area
  • Valencia Westridge Area
  • Valencia Woodlands Area
  • Valencia Summit Area
  • Valencia Northpark Area

In those areas – there are approximately 145 specific neighborhoods within Valencia.

The share various school districts and have verying infrastructures all of their own.

One of the things that we explain to our Valencia CA Real Estate clients is that the neighborhood you choose is your own, but getting the Local Experts to assist you with finding the “right fit” is key.

Here are all of the Valencia CA real estate and homes by price ranges. These pages update every 7-15 minutes and are sent via the Multiple Listing Service for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities in California.

Be safe – Search well and don’t forget to ask for our Team by Name – We are known as Paris911!

Valencia Real Estate less than 300K

Valencia Real Estate 300-400k

Valencia Real Estate 400-500k

Valencia Real Estate 500-600k

Valencia Real Estate 600-700k

Valencia Real Estate 700-800k

Valencia Real Estate 800-900k

Valencia Real Estate 900-1M

Valencia Real Estate 1M+

All Santa Clarita Real Estate

All Southern California Real Estate


Working for a Santa Clarita real estate team

Santa Clarita leads for real estate agents and realtorsWhy would anyone want to work for a Top Producing real estate team?

How about because they have an established real estate business?

Established Sphere of Influence

I came from a SOI – Sphere of Influence in Law Enforcement. Currently we spend over $3,000.00 in publication print to the men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department.

Those are full page color ads that have been running for several years.

If you were to ask most of the members of the LAPD and LASD about Paris911 – they would be able to answer as to who we are and what we do.

Having those ads, plus my personal and Paris’ connections within these agencies, are paramount to our continued success in real estate.

We have seen many other advertisers, that are in real estate, come and go, only giving the ad several months to “take hold”. However, it takes years to become a trusted resource and it takes more than an ad!

Established online presence

This one was not as easy. Our online exposure reference to our Sellers real estate listings and procuring buyers took time. In fact, it takes at least 3000 words of content a day, learning new real estate technologies to share, and keeping our past and present real estate buyers and sellers happy with feats of real estate prowess.

When a person searches for Santa Clarita Realtors, we are on the page 1, search results, in the organic results of Google for a reason. We write a lot of real estate related content.

When someone searches on YouTube for Santa Clarita real estate related keywords, we appear at the top of those searches as well. With over 1200 real estate related videos for buyers and sellers, we are Top in that Space.

We also do a daily Santa Clarita radio show, with more listens and quality content than any other local real estate related radio show.

Tried and True lead generation

There are many methods to procure leads from online sources. However, one must work the large 3 methods to become Top Producing real estate agents.

Either you pay for leads, procure leads with stellar content, or work the Social Media Channels in the “right way”.

We do all three with various online systems. Pay per Click, Content marketing, and Social Media exposure gives our team an edge and is a great fit for a “willing and able” buyers representative that is willing to embrace the Paris911 Team Brand.

Referral Based Realtors

We want our clients to refer us. We make that point a lot throughout the real estate process. If you don’t ask, it is not on the top of mind, when others are asking who knows a good Realtor.

That works with our Top Producing Strategy and we are proud to say that over 70% of our current clients come from our referral base.

At numbers of 50-100 leads a month that we generate, from online only, not mentioning referrals, past clients, publications and mailers, we are always interviewing real estate agents that want to be part of something larger than themselves.

We have no names on our jerseys – only our REMAX of Valencia CA Team Name – Paris911!

When you are ready to see if you have what we are looking for, and it’s not your leads, reach out to The Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita CA!



Santa Clarita Lending – One Great Question to ask upfront

Saving money when borrowing money to buy a home

Save money when Buying a Home!

Who are you going to be using when it comes to finding the BEST Santa Clarita Area or Valencia CA lender?

May I suggest a person that employs them at more than 10 a month? Where would you go to find that type of person?

That would be your local REMAX of Valencia CA Top Producing Realtor Team. They will know the good from the bad and they will be able to guide you with questions to ask the local real estate lenders and mortgage brokers.

Questions that will keep a real estate buyer safe when it comes to borrowing money to buy real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley, Greater Los Angeles, the Great O/C and in other parts of the world.

We have included one such question today in our latest YouTube Video reference to “What questions to ask a lender when wanting to interview them to be hired to lend you money to purchase real estate.”

The Local Lenders will know the answer to this question after running your numbers in the “loan approval” system. However, most can give you a great idea if your “numbers align”, as you say they will.

Most people know if they have “okay” credit or “stellar” credit. However, some have become victims of “identity theft”, so it may be a real “surprise” when their credit is run by a local Real Estate lender.

Please reach out to our REMAX of Valencia CA Top Realtor Team when you are ready to attend our crash course on real estate that my Paris911 Team holds in our REMAX of Valencia Offices.


New Los Angeles County Residential Real Estate Update by REMAX of Valencia

REMAX of Valencia Homes for saleThe Santa Clarita Valley Cities are located in the County of Los Angeles California.

When we are searching for real estate data and information for our REMAX of Valencia CA clients, we see that looking at the “bigger picture” is important.

The data and value derived from looking at the larger Greater Los Angeles County real estate and housing market helps our REMAX of Valencia clients make better decisions along the way.

Some of the information that can be gleaned by our market reports is whether now is a good time to sell, a good time to buy, or a good time to invest in real estate.

We can also deduce whether the Santa Clarita and Valencia CA areas are the best place to do so. That is why looking at the “bigger picture” profits our clients in one way or another.

Additional Resource:  Check out the Why Paris and I chose to be with REMAX of Valencia CA Realtors

Of course, the Buying, selling and investing questions can be answered in the negative also. Our market reports also indicate whether it is a Bad time to Sell, Bad to Buy and a Bad time to invest.

View our Housing Market Reports and get your own now.

Real Estate is mostly relative. While the “overall” picture of Los Angeles County continues to show the lack of inventory and being waist deep in a sellers market, The Santa Clarita Valley Cities is showing a different set of variables.

Our Days on Market timeframes have been on the rise. The inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley cities has been increasing. The Days on Market timeframes, the time it takes to sell homes, has been on the rise and more.

Have a look at our latest YouTube Video produced by my REMAX of Valencia Area Team – Paris911.

REMAX of Valencia California Offices is where both Paris and I decided to hang our licenses so long ago due to their sheer size and power. We thought in the beginning and know now, we made the right decision for our clients and ourselves. In fact, we had several options, and still do today, to leave RMEAX of Valencia and to move onto other Real Estate companies in Valencia CA. We will not, our's has been entirely too successful to the Branding of REMAX and it being the most powerful and successful real estate brand ever developed.

REMAX of Valencia CAEach REMAX office is independently owned and operated
REMAX of Valencia Offices, 27720 Dickason Drive, Valencia CA, 91355 - 661-400-1720