Valencia California real estate daily show is out by REMAX 2015-029

Valencia CA Foreclosure Experts paris911Today we are currently tracking 83 homes for sale in the City of Valencia – Which is located in the Santa Clarita Valley.

We are monitoring 29 Condos for Sale in Valencia that are currently in the “active” status.

And – 29 Town homes that are in the active status in Valencia CA as well.

It’s hard to believe we are tied – but that is the way it is today.

When searching for real estate in Valencia CA – one of the things you want to make sure of is what type of Results the site on which you are searching is providing.

Meaning – are they showing you real estate listings in order to trick you?  Are they showing Sold Inventory in Valencia because they are wanting to mislead you?

Why don’t real estate websites for Valencia CA real estate, or real estate listings elsewhere, say what types of listings they are showing on their systems?

Here is what I mean – Below, on the map, are only active real estate listings in Valencia CA zip codes 91355 and 91354.

That’s it – No listings in Back Up position – No real estate listings in the Pending Status of Escrow and No homes that have closed escrow and have sold.

Just the active real estate listings in Valencia CA.

BTW – there is never any registration required to search any of our actual Multiple Listing Service powered systems. You never have to give up who you are or email address.

The only reason our clients to is first, they trust us and know us. Second, they want the new listings emailed directly to them once they hit the Valencia CA resale market.

Click on the search tab to discover the latest in real estate listings that are for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley city of Valencia and let me know when I may be of assistance.

Most Recent Valencia CA Listings – The top 7!

Real Estate Buyers and Sellers are late in seeking out realtors

REMAX offices in ValenciaRE/MAX of Valencia CA has some resources that will assist our clients in understanding the real estate processes.

One of the things that most real estate agent’s don’t realize today is how “educated” the real estate buyers and sellers are.

In fact, they contact a real estate agent much later in the buying/selling decision making process.

Before, buyers and sellers of the world had no choice when it came to the “education part” of buying or selling real estate.

They had to contact a real estate agent, enter their office, and be sold to.

Today, people hate to be sold to. They hate it.

People of the world don’t mind buying, but not from someone that is going to be in a high pressure way.

During your decision making process, we would like the honor to be your keystone.

Those you will go to in order to get the information prior to scheduling any “in person” appointments.

Here are some macBoX resources you can use that our Buyers and Sellers Love.

Real Estate buyers want to know about the process of buying a home. We have our Buyer’s Video Series that has been programmed into our MacboX.

You will see the red box at the top right of this page.  Type in the words:  Video 1  -Directly into it to start the series.

For sellers, most want to know what the information about how the BEST realtors list and sell homes.  View a Top Team’s listing presentation by typing in the words:  Listing Presentation   -Into the MacBoX – to the right!

REMAX of Valencia CA on Google local business listings – We are Verified

remax of valencia local business pages

For more information about our Paris911 Team type in the word: about  – Into the MacboX (the red thing to the right of this text. It’s our Custom Search Engine for our Clients.

This was by no small feat. It has taken a lot of work to maintain our placement on Google Plus local business pages.

We get calls from time to time to verify our local listing from Google.

These calls are not from telemarketers, but from Google Directly.

We answer the phone and if we don’t we get banned.  They don’t play games at Google.

This especially the case when their placement only needs to verified to be free.

The large Real Estate Syndication websites like Trulia and Zillow cannot appear in this place on Google.

Even Google knows who the local real estate experts are. This means they understand that there is a certain amount of “knowledge and experience” outside of their lead generation and algorithmic model for real estate.

We are The Paris911 Team from RE/MAX of Valencia CA. Please let me know if we need to help you in any way!

How to buy a Santa Clarita home

Not how we want to actSomething that continues to be missed is how to buy a Santa Clarita Home.

The first thing we need is to explain that Santa Clarita is divided into 6 different cities. If you were to include two more, as most do, you would want Acton and Agua Dulce to be a part.

The cities that are typically included are Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch and Valencia CA.

We have sites that are up and running that show you the actual Multiple Listing Service generated listings (homes, townhomes and condos) for sale.

These websites update every 7-15 minutes and will give you the best Santa Clarita home search results.

There is no lag between the Multiple listing service and our real estate websites.

When you search on the real estate syndication websites, it may benefit you to create a “fake” email address.

This will serve you well and protect you from spam that will be generated from the agents paying for your personal and private information when searching for real estate on their systems.

Enjoy the REMAX of Valencia CA Search Engine. Let me know when you are ready to move.

Santa Clarita real estate news by REMAX of Valencia 01.04.2015

real estate newsToday we were hard at work finding and looking for real estate for our real estate buyers. One of the things that is most important is the “recon” that we do with each of the real estate listings we send.

Our clients do their own fair share of searching and many run into the roadblocks that are put in place by the real estate syndication websites.

Those real estate syndication websites, do their best to get our clients to give up who they are, but they(our real estate clients), have been “educated” to not give up any personal or private information.

They publish numbers of real estate listings that are not accurate!

They put properties that have sold as being active and for sale!

Some take those homes that are not on the market for sale and make them appear as if they are to trick our clients to give up who they are.

It’s cute to see how hard and how much money the agents we are in the business pay for leads.

They do this because they are unable to “add value” to their clients experience. We have over 1400 youtube videos that we have published about the real estate process.

The agents that are paying for your personal and private information, they are not giving any value to their real estate clients experience.

I will tout a minute – What about a daily real estate radio show? We do that with a 7 day a week format.

We also want to keep our clients updated with regard to real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. We talk about the local real estate market and Santa Clarita real estate news as a part of each radio show episode.

Valencia California real estate update new radio episode

We have just concluded another real estate radio show with the focal point being on Santa Clarita Cities and including the City of Valencia.

Finding the best in Santa Clarita and Valencia homesLooking at the overall Real Estate market picture is super important when you are approaching the real estate buying or sales cycle.

If you are looking to climb aboard, the one thing you will need to know is how the local market is fairing.

This includes if you are interested in an overall view of the Santa Clarita Valley Cities or in one city in particular, such as Valencia.

These dynamics start with understanding that in “Santa Clarita” there are no real estate listings contained therein. In fact, with the local Boards of Realtors, Santa Clarita is not a choice when a realtor is entering the real estate listings into the Multiple Listing Service.

There are some websites that show “Santa Clarita” as having homes for sale. This is in fact the Santa Clarita Valley. However, it does consist of six cities. Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall and Saugus.

Therefore, when you have a local Realtor that focuses on “how the “area” you are interested in”, is put together, you are working smarter not harder.

You will see that we have, within our reports, “Santa Clarita” represented. That is actually an “overall” view of the SCV Cities, for purposes of the vendor where we obtain our Altos market research reports for real estate.

Here is how you can obtain your very own market reports that we cover on our Santa Clarita and Valencia CA real estate radio shows each and every Monday!

REMAX of Valencia presents the value of a remodel

Very few can argue with consumer confidence starting to return to real estate.

We see our real estate buyers adding “value” to the homes that my REMAX of Valencia CA Team sold them.

In fact, with most cases, they are making these moves before their “move in” date.

Holding over with family or at an extended stay hotel during the remodeling.

We get asked the question at REMAX quite often related to, “What should I do with regard to my remodeling project?”

We see that kitchens and bathrooms are priority in our local Santa Clarita real estate market.

Attic and Basement remodeling is not the “thing” in our local market. Primarily due to most of our residences not having them.

In Valencia CA, we are able to find out clients homes that have spacious attic’s. So much so they are able to remodel them into living spaces.

This makes for a great value if done correctly.

Enjoy this SlideShare presentation where we related the costs vs. value as stated by the California Association of realtors and the Hanley Wood Media Cost VS Value Report!

Be safe – reach out to My Paris911 Team when you are ready and thanks for taking the time to view our slideshare presentation!

santa clarita remodeling

Remax of Valencia presents MLS best in Santa Clarita

Searching for Santa Clarita real estate does not have to be difficult.

One of the things you want to make sure of is is using a system that is fed by the actual multiple listing service.

Whenever you’re looking online you canSearch for Homes run into problems when you’re searching on websites that have been built around monetizing your personal information.

So what we’ve done is we’ve put together a system that only feeds from the actual multiple listing service.

This system updates every 7 to 15 minutes.

This system has been field tested by our Rax of Valencia real estate agents that make up our team, and also our clients use the system as the primary source for searching for real estate listings  online.

One of the other benefits of the system is it can send you auto emails depending on what you happen to be looking for.

If you’re searching for a three-bedroom condominium, two bedroom loft, or studio apartment you can have the system email you at the moment a property fitting that description comes out of the market.

What are you on ways to search would be using an MLS search engine that has the information that you’re looking for as it is updated frequently, but is also something that could give you listings prior to them being placed on the market for sale.

Have a look around our main search site, also log onto MLS

Condos and townhome financing gets better

If you have been considering buying a Condo or a townhome you maybe able to do so with as little as 3% down.

That is definitely a big change over the 20% down payment required up and tell Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac released their new 3% loan that will be starting very soon.

Since the fall out of the real estate market had different loan programs being changed, lending restrictions becoming more difficult, we have seen that Fannie and Freddie have loosened up these 3% guidelines.

We have also seen as condo and townhome buyers are becoming more and more mainstream.

The problem is that single-family residences have them priced out of the real estate market.

But there was no other type of loan program they could use to approach purchasing a condo or townhome besides one that required them to put 20% down.

That’s a positive change today, where a real estate buyer would have had to be concerned about whether or not a particular condo or townhome community happens to be FHA approved.

Now they can sidestep that with utilizing the Fannie or Freddie 3% down loan.