The 8 X-Cop Rules of a Safe Open House

Open House UpdateGood Day Everyone, I’m Connor MacIvor, your host for the Valencia RE/MAX Real Estate Radio show.

Today is our Open House Broadcast for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

One of the items I will discuss after we get into today’s real estate radio show news and the introduction is how a Cop would Conduct an open house. (I was one – I should know 🙂 )

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I have developed a seven day a week format when discussing the real estate trends, news and events. Items that I have learned which make a HUGE difference when anyone wants to contemplate buying or selling a home.  It’s a big deal and time needs to be devoted in the educational aspect.

Of course, you are going to hire me because I’m a professional and to save yourselves some of the heartache of attempting to do it yourself. I get that. But you need to know other aspects of the dealing so you don’t get taken and if you think you are you can stand tall and say so!

Example. I’m not a lender, but on Thursdays we have our truth in lending real estate radio show. I prepare you with regard to what questions to ask a lender and in the answering of other “lender related” requests. You need to know the “right questions” so you can be insured you are getting the best deal and service a lender has to offer you.

8 Cop Rules for a Safe Open House – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Today is our Santa Clarita Open House Broadcast. We have posted up all of the current open houses in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

When you click on the preceding link – you will then see all of the open houses being held today in the SCV Cities.

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Hosting an Open House as an X-COP…

Well, I am honorably retired to boot. Sometimes our clients want to have us host open houses. I’m a fan of open houses even though they don’t perform well at selling homes.

They are great for us as Realtors and They are “safe” as long as the rules are obeyed and enforced.

Rule 1 – Your personal property. Keep this stuff out of sight. Lock it up. Remove medicine from the medicine cabinets. Keep guns, change, ammunition under lock and key. Hide the place where you have your stuff locked up.

Rule 2 – Depersonalize everything. No family photos, no “I love me walls”. No diplomas or certificates on the walls. Nothing that can tie you, as a homeowner, to the home that is being held open.

Rule 3 – No Cars. Remove your cars – Park all of your vehicles away from the property. Don’t leave any “licensed” vehicles in the garage, on the side of the home or parked in close proximity. We don’t need any of these “open house” visitors knowing what cars belong with what home – just in case 🙂

Rule 4 – Don’t Open your Door – Open houses, good open houses, are publicized at least a week in advance. Sometimes, those searching for open houses, may want to come and doorknock early. If they are “up to no good” or if they are just wanting to “get in early” – don’t do it and don’t let them in!

Rule 5 – Signing in – We will have anyone wanting to gain access to sign in. However, they may not want too (fyi). That is the least we can do. Open houses can be GREAT – but they can also bring some of life’s scammers and thieves to the forefront and into your home.

Rule 6 – We are going to be Captain Questions  “Have you been approved for a home loan? Are you working with a real estate agent? When you are finished viewing, will you please give me feedback I may pass along to my seller?” Got to ask. We have to know. We are not shy with these questions. It’s important to let those visiting the open house know they are going to be watched and our seller’s are going to be protected by our command presence.

Rule 7 – We won’t leave – Some agents – take off to go show properties. That’s Bad JUJU. The last thing we want is to have your open house held open without anyone there. That’s a turnoff to those viewing, but more importantly – that puts your personal property at risk.

Rule 8 – The debrief – Make sure you keep track of the happenings on your block for the next few days(you should always do this by habit 🙂 ). Write down any strange vehicles, parked on your street that are occupied or not occupied(the perp maybe laying down). Make sure you keep your doors and windows locked and make sure you take your time when leaving and before getting out your car when you arrive home!

These rules, when strictly enforced can mean the difference between a safe and productive open house and one that causes you to wonder if it was worth it.

Make sure you have us explain what we think about open houses and make sure you also adhere to our rules to keep yours safe!

I’m Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Valencia CA and I’m glad to be of service!

The Real Estate cost of home repairs

Search our Real Estate Topics and Resources

Search our Real Estate Topics and Resources

Some are mislead right out of the gate when wanting to do some simple “fixes or upgrades” to their homes, condos and townhomes.

Being over promised, and underpriced creates stress and distrust between the homeowner and the vendor or service provider.

Here is a simple list that was provided to me via Serviz.

They care enough about what I think and wanted to ask me to post this on our RE/MAX Blog.

Some interesting Stats regarding Home Repairs:

1.5 to 4 percent: The estimated annual maintenance cost of a U.S. Home, as a percentage of the home’s purchase price.

$547: Average cost of home maintenance and minor repairs per year in the U.S. (not including major repairs and upgrades).

$273.9 Billion: (with a B) – The estimated size of the home improvement industry in 2012. Business appears to be booming!

42 percent of consumers in 2011 shopped around for deals and bargains before making home improvements.

Read on within the Home Repairs infographic and reach out to me directly if I may be of service with your real estate needs.

Home repairs made simple if you know the cost

REMAX of Valencia Bad Agent Solicitation of another’s Client

YouTube Presents Bad Agent Video 1Risk concept. Sign question on bear trap.

When it comes to representing buyers and sellers of homes, from time to time, they are going to get hit up by other agents.

Some do this by innuendo and other’s do it more vicariously.

However, the rule is that it’s against the rules. Once you find out someone is represented by a real estate agent, it’s time to stand down the agressive “conversion” action.

It’s time for the agent to cease their roll….

However, we had an incident that occurred to a couple that we have been working on the “buyer side” for the past several months.

This past weekend, they encountered one of the most aggressive Realtor Teams they ever had. This team was not stopping after they explained they were working with our REMAX of Valencia Paris911 Team.

They did not stop after our clients asked them to. They continued, almost in a “sick” way.

So much so, our clients fired off a direct hit via Yelp toward the agent team that had been pressuring them.

In our offices, when we are representing those wanting to buy real estate, we talk about open houses. We talk about the methods employed and that most agents stand down once they find out our clients are already represented.

They do so because they get the “ethics” of continuing to pursue another realtors client after they have said “NO – STOP!”

Apparently, these agents did not get it, forcing our clients to rip them apart on Yelp!

I got the call, not from my clients, but from the agents involved. They wanted me to “make” my clients take down the review.  Again with the, “Make” and “forcing”. Apparently, not a single lesson was learned – sad but true.

We are Local REMAX of Valencia CA Realtors. Our Team is SCVnest and Paris911. I’m Connor MacIvor, and I’m glald to be of service – protecting and serving your real estate needs.

Please let me know when you are ready to move and I will be there for you as I have been for so many others!


Santa Clarita and Valencia REMAX Update show 2015-274

REMAX of ValenciaThe Santa Clarita Valley cities real estate and housing market recap for today is as follows:

In Santa Clarita Valley, We have a total of 92 real estate listings that hit the market in the past 7 days.

During the past 7 days, we have the following real estate information that has been encountered:

  • 65 real estate listings in the SCV Cities have had their prices changed
  • 32 real estate listings in the Santa Clarita have entered the market for sale again
  • I have been monitoring the 74 real estate listings that have entered back up offer status
  • 20 homes that were trying to be sold – did not sell
  • 52 real estate listings entered the pending status of escrow
  • 85 Santa Clarita listings sold during the past 7 days

Today is our truth in lending real estate radio show and we are going to cover the CFPB – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

They have made some changes to the lending and residential world for Santa Clarita real estate and in the rest of the world.

Now you have three days to review, as a real estate buyer, any changes to your loan program, interest rate or terms.

Changes in Interest Rate – any change of greater than 1/8th, as an increase, you have to be notified and given 3 days to review it.

If the interest rate is reduced – they don’t have to give you the same three days 🙂

If the lender changes your loan program to another which is going to not be as good or friendly, they have to notify you and you have three days to review the changes. Such as a prepayment being added.

You have to be notified if the basic loan product changes. Maybe they moved you from a fixed to an adjustable loan, you have three days to review that too!

This will be increasing the time frames in which it takes to close real estate transactions.

Some of our clients and the lenders in our circles are panicked about these changes. I think the buyers in the world are going to be happier because it’s going to be hard for anyone to pull the wool over the eyes.

I’m Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Valencia CA and I’m Glad to be of service. Reach out to us at 663.400.3680 and at our REMAX of Valencia CA offices 661-284-5430