What happened to the home I just saw for sale it just disappeared

don't get into danger searching for homesAh – an age old problem in the “internet and real estate syndication” world.

It could be that the agent flipped it active, then back to the status it was before.

Why? Because they understand the inner-workings of the real estate syndication websites. They get signaled when a new change takes place and the new “status” is not recalled, just updated on their servers.

They will then receive a second signal of the original status, if the agent is actually “flipping the status”. However, that update may take a while, so hence you seeing a home you have had your eye on active and for sale.

How can you know for sure? Ask your real estate agent. If you are located in Southern California, ask me.

Another “trick” is to take a property that is in the “hold do not show” status – flip it active and return it to it’s present condition. This is especially apparent if the home is in a legal dispute, the agent wants to get everything they can, so hence them “flipping the status”

That will get the syndication websites in a tizzy and show the listing as active, in some cases long enough to get you emotionally attached.

This will only work if the listing (home for sale) is “allowed” to be shown and uploaded to the real estate syndication websites, those sites who are not “realtor” endorsed, then this trick will work. An agent, at least in my Board of Realtors, has the power to exclude their listings from the Real Estate Syndication Websites. We don’t “per se” – however, in some cases our sellers wish to not have their home showing up anywhere but the Multiple Listing Service which is owned and operated by the National Association of Realtors, The California Association of Realtors and our local Board – The Southland Regional Association of Realtors SRAR.

How to stay Safe

There is no better and no more updated source that to use a Local Realtor’s MLS fed real estate and housing website.

The way we work is we send our clients listings directly from the source. The Local Multiple Listing Service.  We also inform our Real estate clients to send us any other real estate listings they find on other online channels.

However, we advise our home buyers and home sellers never to give up who they are for any reason. That will cause them to end with SPAM issues.

At the end of the day, I’m no better than the real estate data I provide to my real estate clients. This applies to sellers wanting to know what their home is worth. It also applies to buyers that have entrusted me to find them a home to buy.

We always have our access point on all of our Paris911 / REMAX of Valencia systems tied to the local Multiple Listing Service owned and operated, partly by me, Because I’m a Realtor!

Have a great day and please enjoy the podcast / REMAX of Valencia radio show tied to this real estate blog post.

I’m Connor MacIvor, myself and my team are at work this weekend, as we are every other weekend, reach out to us when you are ready and I’ll make it happen for you!

A few other reasons as to why this happens

This is applicable to properties that you may have been monitoring and waiting for. It will also apply to listings where the agent “chose” the wrong status, then went back to change it, then chose incorrectly again. If active was one of the agent’s “mess ups” the listing will be sent and shown as “active” on the real estate syndication websites, at least for a while, until they update their servers.

Using a site like ours will do a great job with preventing this due to how fast our systems update. Some Real Estate syndication websites take several hours to several days to update a listing’s status. Remember, they are in the business of selling your personal and private information to agents willing to pay for it! And business is a boomin!

It could also be the property sold Quick! Maybe the seller does not want the entire world traversing his home. Maybe he wants to accept the first offer received in good faith. (I’m not sure why a seller would want to not at least see other offers, but it is possible)

There could also be a legal battle, causing the agent to change the status to “hold do not show”. Maybe some one got sick or there is someone living in the home with special needs who developed a new issue, that applies too.

Get the best Real Estate guide you are able to find and be safe.