Watch out for Agents who say they have a buyer for your home

Santa Clarita homes and radio showThis came up today due to a Coldwell Banker agent door knocking a client of our’s home.

We have been discussing selling it, but they are not ready.  However, the interesting thing is this agent’s approach and is something I need to make you aware of.

When we show real estate listings, we typically schedule them a day or two before, make the arrangements with owners – occupants, call the agents involved to vette the home, then take our clients.

This agent is doing one better. After they scheduled the homes to be shown a day or two before, they door knock the neighborhood stating they have a buyer for those who are home.

Basically it goes like this, “I am going to be showing properties in your neighborhood tomorrow and I’d like the opportunity to show my Super Well Qualified home buyers your home too. I know it’s not on the market for sale, but I would appreciate the opportunity, just in case you have been contemplating selling it…”

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GREAT – Call your agent and give them the number and name of the agent who says they have a buyer, so they are able to vette them and see “how much” they are willing to offer. Also, have your agent find out if they are “financially able” to buy your home. Furthermore, to make sure the financing, proof of funds and credit reports are all solid and good to go.

At the end of the day, every real estate seller wants the most they can get for their home. With today’s constrictive real estate inventory homes don’t stay too long on the market.

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Limiting your options as a real estate seller, to go with the “buyers” who are having view your home by the agent who told you, “I have a buyer for your home…”, is a mistake.

Be weary with this approach and OMT – You would want to make sure your home is advertised to everyone in the market to buy.  You want all of the buyers wanting to buy a home like yours to be notified that it’s now for sale.

Then, in the perfect scenario, you will have multiple offers on the real estate we have listed for you, then we will be able to get you the most for the home you are having us sell.

That is the better way than to trust someone doorknocking your home saying, “I have a buyer for your home…”

Be safe and thanks for listening to our Housing Radio Show. I’m Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Valencia CA.

Free Money and Grant Programs for First Time Buyers

Real Estate grant programsHave you heard? There is free money and grant programs for first time buyers and others?

Maybe you have seen this on your twitter feed?  Maybe you have seen this on your social media or RSS reader?

Most often, it’s a scam.

People using whatever it takes to get you to do something you may not be ready to do.

In fact, we see this game often.

Here are the facts

Most grant programs and rebate programs are bogus.

They are not really in existence.

It’s just lenders and realtors trying to manipulate you.

We had a client recently use a grant program where the grant covered their 3.5% down payment. It was not an easy transaction and one that would have made the rest of my hair fall out if I wasn’t already bald.

The tip to take away from this posting is that you need to make sure you are not getting taken. Agents will use anything to sound spectacular in order to attract a real estate buyer or seller.

I was a cop far too long to take advantage of people and It’s in my blood to protect and to serve the real estate needs of our clients. Just reach out if you have any questions, concerns or comments.

New Valencia Homes and New Santa Clarita Home Builder Locations

All the new home sites and new home builder communities within Valencia, Santa Clarita and the rest of

Southern California are placed on the interactive map below.

If you are not seeing the map(at the bottom) – Maybe you need to get Flash?

No REMAX of Valencia website would be complete without me posting all the new homes that are currently for sale in Valencia and Santa Clarita California. I have exceeded your expectations and posted up all of the new homes for sale in Southern California.


There is no “negative” to having me on your side when purchasing a new home. You cannot be given more in the way of anything (credit, closing costs, upgrades, lot premium, flooring, etc…), if you choose not to have me represent you at any New Home Builder Tract or Area.

There is a lot of “positives” which my FREE representation will bring you. A second set of eyes which are knowledgeable with new homes / new construction / new builders. An Experienced realtor, one that has been a top producer in their industry with new homes and resale homes. I will be able to look over the contractors, vette the lender and make sure the new home builder is living up to their part of the bargain.

Here is something else to consider. Due to my relationships at many of the new home builder communities, I get the call first. If a home is falling out of escrow, I am typically able to get my New Home clients to take over.

REMAX of Valencia Photos removed from Yelp for the Paris911 team

There is truth in there somewhereYelp is a great resource, but at the end of the day, you are going to have to make up your own mind.

Your OWN opinion, may in fact differ from what Yelp and their Yelpers Think…

I’m a Yelper myself and I have had opinions of businesses that totally differed from those others who reviewed the same location. In fact, my opinions seem to run on the “I have a higher opinion” side than on the negative side for most businesses I frequent – Maybe I’m just too positive – but I am who I am :0

So hence our REMAX of Valencia Photo album being removed. They were nice photos of the offices, but because they came from a lowly agent, such as myself, and not posted by the IT person, apparently they weren’t good enough. 🙁

Ah well, there are bigger things to worry about than “Who’s the Bost?”

This are the photos we had posted of REMAX of Valencia, on Yelp – See what I mean 🙂


See what I mean – Yelp sure is smart 🙂 Ah well, as Homer Simpson says, “you cannot fight city hall…”…

We did our weekly recap on our Paris911 Realtor website where we discussed the blog articles produced by our REMAX of Valencia Team.

The Santa Clarita and Valencia housing inventory is less than 500 units for sale. That is horrible news for the real estate buyers in our local Valencia home buying market. However, the sellers are rejoicing due to them being able to have REMAX of Valencia sell their real estate and homes at a premium!

Considering Selling your home – find out what it’s worth!

We are not at peak prices, which Valencia Experienced back in late 2006 and early 2007. We are between 12 and 10% off of peak prices.

Lenders interest rates are wonderfully low, even with the .25% rate hike we observed happen a few weeks ago.

Lender Tip: If you are not going to use a local Santa Clarita Mortgage broker or bank, and are going the “online only” route, make sure you get a physical address of the lender and verify it with another source, try Yelp 🙂

Seriously, you want to make sure the business you are using really exists. Because, if you run into someone scamming you and don’t find out until zero hour, you need to know where to send the correspondence or even where to visit in person.

Buying a home is a HUGE deal – make sure you are well represented on all fronts. We meet with all of our REMAX of Valencia home sellers and buyers in person. Of course, we are more “in your lives” than the lender. We are advertising, marketing and selling your home, we are showing buyers of real estate, homes, condos and townhomes – our’s is a more “personal” position.

I’m Connor – thanks for checking out today’s real estate posting for REMAX of Valencia. I went ahead and added a few of the above photos back to Yelp at REMAX of Valencia. I also added Paris’ photo because there are a couple of other agent’s photos on that page.

We will see if I get struck down. The other day I was speaking with someone from another real estate company who remarked, “It’s hard to compete with Yelp because they are in it for the money…”  I suppose I can see it that way, at the end of the day, I suppose we all have to make a living. It’s just some of us are running “cleaner” than others…

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