REMAX of Valencia National Housing Report October 2016

remax of valencia new updateAs we close out October of 2016, REMAX of Valencia and REMAX of Santa Clarita are watching the same trends at a local Santa Clarita Level.

We have just completed several REMAX of Valencia housing market updates for each of the cities which compose the Santa Clarita Valley only to find that our local housing inventory is still lacking.

Both Paris and I have also been getting a lot of inquiries about whether it is the time to buy a Santa Clarita Valley home. We have to tell you, as we tell everyone, it depends on your personal situation. If you are looking for the bottom to fall out of this market, that does not appear to be happening anytime soon. We deduce this due to the low interest rates and lacking real estate inventory. Plus, look at new housing and New builder construction – they are heavy at it and they don’t lose 🙂

When wanting to view and tour new housing, do not sign anything. You are not going to be asked to sign a contract or other types of information. You will be asked for your name and for your email. They will say so you can be kept on the loop and updated with any discounts offered or new home sites. This simple mechanism makes it so we are unable to represent you and be on your side when the builder has their own real estate agent 100% on theirs.

We have found that it’s very beneficial to have us with you 100% when wanting to tour and eventually purchase any of the New Santa Clarita Homes and new housing. Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns and remember that both Paris and I will be with you when you are ready to move forward with any real estate needs. New or resale residential real estate!