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Santa Clarita cop realtorsThere is no secret, except maybe to those who have not had to search for real estate in the last 20 years, most real estate listings are advertised online.

REMAX of Valencia real estate news article

Those “advertised listings” are not generally the property of the person, entity, corporation or partnership that owns the real estate listing website.

REMAX of Valencia has homes and listings for sale. They too are syndicated within the online channels. Those sites who have pretty front’s and who eventually hit you up for your personal and private information.

All you need to do is inquire, ask a question or request additional information and you will have your personal information sold/traded or otherwise conveyed to the hand of real estate agents and lenders, who are willing to pay for it.

Agents and real estate lenders aren’t the only ones who will be getting your name, email and “search habits”. When you go to the website, it’s tracking the IP address of your computer. There are tons of information the system tracks. What you are looking at, clicking on and where you are pausing to read more.

We are REMAX of Valencia, The Paris911 Team, don’t think it’s cool to sell your personal and private information.

That is why we have our Valencia real estate search system.

The owner and operator are me – Connor MacIvor. I am your local real estate agent. I want to be your real estate representative. I want to work hard for you to help you achieve your real estate goals. I want to ensure you are well protected above and above everything, to the best of my ability.