About the REMAX of Valencia – Santa Clarita Team

REMAX of Valencia - Santa Clarita AgentsThere is always a beginning to everything. Mostly everything, but this is not the place to get into that topic any deeper.

Paris and I had a beginning, but are from opposite parts of this Earth and we have been protecting and serving our real estate clients since 1998.

During our humble beginnings in real estate, we came from various walks of life. I was an LAPD Motor Cop and She was a Public Servant. She was also a member of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department for a short while.

Here is a more lengthy introduction for both of us…

Paris MacIvor – the one without the helmet 🙂 – She joined with me in real estate in 1998. Only a few months after I had started.

I am always the first to admit, I was a part timer, because I was still a full time LAPD cop then. I will tell you, I did not have the time nor capacity to do the best job possible, due to my part time real estate status.

I’m thankful that Paris joined with me a few months later to pick up the ball and run with it for our Real Estate Clients.

She was a Full time Realtor from the beginning and was and is stellar in her poise and approach to everything that is clients representation and consultation services and our REMAX of Valencia Business.

Here is the breakdown in legaleze – also – We became Real Estate agents due to our Agent taking full advantage of us when we bought our first home in Santa Clarita Valley back in 1996!

Paris MacIvor (as stated, not the one in the helmet) – CABRE 01256647 RE/MAX of Valencia CA Offices, Each REMAX of Valencia CA office is independently and operated. 27720 Dickason Drive, Valencia CA, 91355. 661-284-5427. (yes, the glasses are prescription…)

Connor T. MacIvor (the one without the lipstick) – CABRE 01238257 RE/MAX of Santa Clarita – Valencia CA. Each of these offices is also independently owned and operated. 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381.

When you are ready – reach out to us and we will be glad to protect and serve all of your real estate needs. Be safe – and ask a lot of questions, agents hate questions. At least those that are hiding behind their mendacity!