REMAX of Valencia on Bing for go SCV and Valencia Realtors

Gotta love our connected status within Bing and on their home and real estate search engine for REMAX of Valencia

I, Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Valencia, have been hard at work for our real estate sellers in Valencia and Santa Clarita, getting our branding up to the First Page within the Organic Search results.
real estate remax of valenciaThis equates to me being able to attract more attention from the listings we personally procure for our Valencia – Santa Clarita real estate sellers.
Here is how it works for us and my personal real estate team at REMAX of Valencia.
I write. I have done a lot of writing about the real estate sales and procurement scenarios within the Santa Clarita – Valencia housing markets.
With over 10,000 real estate articles on our main Blog for Santa Clarita Homes, we are on the top related to other local real estate agents. Visit our Santa Clarita real estate blog
I have produced over 2000 youtube videos about housing, the buying and selling process related to real estate. Visit our real estate youtube channel by going to
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We are also dug in deeper than Alabama Ticks on the following sites and systems:

REMAX of Valencia on Google Plus

REMAX of Valencia on Foursquare

REMAX of Valencia on Infogroup

All of this placement for our REMAX of Valencia real estate team gives our real estate sellers and buyers huge benefit and return on our investment of time and energy.

Reach out to me directly on our website – phone number is at the top and I’m glad to be of service.

Watch out for Agents who say they have a buyer for your home

Santa Clarita homes and radio showThis came up today due to a Coldwell Banker agent door knocking a client of our’s home.

We have been discussing selling it, but they are not ready.  However, the interesting thing is this agent’s approach and is something I need to make you aware of.

When we show real estate listings, we typically schedule them a day or two before, make the arrangements with owners – occupants, call the agents involved to vette the home, then take our clients.

This agent is doing one better. After they scheduled the homes to be shown a day or two before, they door knock the neighborhood stating they have a buyer for those who are home.

Basically it goes like this, “I am going to be showing properties in your neighborhood tomorrow and I’d like the opportunity to show my Super Well Qualified home buyers your home too. I know it’s not on the market for sale, but I would appreciate the opportunity, just in case you have been contemplating selling it…”

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GREAT – Call your agent and give them the number and name of the agent who says they have a buyer, so they are able to vette them and see “how much” they are willing to offer. Also, have your agent find out if they are “financially able” to buy your home. Furthermore, to make sure the financing, proof of funds and credit reports are all solid and good to go.

At the end of the day, every real estate seller wants the most they can get for their home. With today’s constrictive real estate inventory homes don’t stay too long on the market.

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Limiting your options as a real estate seller, to go with the “buyers” who are having view your home by the agent who told you, “I have a buyer for your home…”, is a mistake.

Be weary with this approach and OMT – You would want to make sure your home is advertised to everyone in the market to buy.  You want all of the buyers wanting to buy a home like yours to be notified that it’s now for sale.

Then, in the perfect scenario, you will have multiple offers on the real estate we have listed for you, then we will be able to get you the most for the home you are having us sell.

That is the better way than to trust someone doorknocking your home saying, “I have a buyer for your home…”

Be safe and thanks for listening to our Housing Radio Show. I’m Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Valencia CA.

REMAX of Valencia Foreclosure and bank owned update 2015-273

Remax of valenciaThe bank owned and foreclosure update by the REMAX of Valencia Realtor Team.

We are the Local Realtors and care about each of our clients, wants and needs.

When it comes to representing our REMAX of Santa Clarita Clients – we first start with Santa Clarita real estate search.

Enjoy Today’s REMAX of Valencia YouTube Video and Radio show.

I’m Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Valencia – Search for Santa Clarita Foreclosures.

REMAX of Valencia CA on Google Plus

REMAX of Valencia on Google PlusREMAX of Valencia google plus

Our REMAX of Valencia CA Team has worked hard keeping ourselves on top of the World’s Social Media Platforms.

Google Plus has been quite a strong ally since Google’s entrance into the social media sphere.

Our clients see our updates as well as the buyers who are searching for our Real Estate sellers listings in Valencia – Santa Clarita and in the rest of Southern California.

When it comes to publicizing real estate listings, some say that “social media” cannot be beat. I am a firm believer in the spreading of intel in the social media context.

However, having said that, there is really nothing like using several methods of advertising and marketing with each and every real estate listing we procure.

Leaving it all up to a single method does our sellers no good and provides our buyers with lacking intel and data.

Please check our REMAX of Valencia google Plus Page via the link at the top of this posting and let us know when you are ready for our help!