REMAX of Valencia National Housing Report October 2016

remax of valencia new updateAs we close out October of 2016, REMAX of Valencia and REMAX of Santa Clarita are watching the same trends at a local Santa Clarita Level.

We have just completed several REMAX of Valencia housing market updates for each of the cities which compose the Santa Clarita Valley only to find that our local housing inventory is still lacking.

Both Paris and I have also been getting a lot of inquiries about whether it is the time to buy a Santa Clarita Valley home. We have to tell you, as we tell everyone, it depends on your personal situation. If you are looking for the bottom to fall out of this market, that does not appear to be happening anytime soon. We deduce this due to the low interest rates and lacking real estate inventory. Plus, look at new housing and New builder construction – they are heavy at it and they don’t lose 🙂

When wanting to view and tour new housing, do not sign anything. You are not going to be asked to sign a contract or other types of information. You will be asked for your name and for your email. They will say so you can be kept on the loop and updated with any discounts offered or new home sites. This simple mechanism makes it so we are unable to represent you and be on your side when the builder has their own real estate agent 100% on theirs.

We have found that it’s very beneficial to have us with you 100% when wanting to tour and eventually purchase any of the New Santa Clarita Homes and new housing. Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns and remember that both Paris and I will be with you when you are ready to move forward with any real estate needs. New or resale residential real estate!

REMAX of Valencia Video Finding the new home listings

Santa Clarita and Valencia California home search for real estate online is not as easy as you may think. The reason for this is because you don’t know who’s website you are using and if the homes you are seeing are actually for sale or being used to scam you.

This is how the internet searches for homes work. You are going to run into three types of online real estate websites.

Real Estate Syndication Websites

The top of the list is the type that will scam and sell your personal and private information to those who are willing to pay for it. In other words, those websites are lead generation in type.  They are positioned at the top of the search engines in two ways. By the money they inject into Pay Per Click advertising and in the way agents are filling them full of real estate content which is being indexed.

They are monetized at the highest level by real estate agents paying them for leads. They are secondarily monetized by vendors paying for ad space and for information related to those who are giving up who they are on their sites. The real estate syndication websites do not, for the most part, access and gather the real estate listings from the Multiple Listing Services with the local Boards of Realtors. For made up and misleading real estate listings, there is no enforcement mechanism.

Real Estate Brokerage/Company Websites

These sites mostly use the multiple listing service and are licensed, bonded and insured. They are in “good standing” with the local, State and National Boards of Realtors.

Some examples of real estate brokerages and companies are the names you have possibly heard in your past. Such as my Brokerage – RE/MAX of Valencia / REMAX of Santa Clarita is an example. is a huge real estate website, get’s it’s listings directly from the Multiple Listing Service and conducts lead generation for the REMAX Agents.

This works great, except if you want to search with anonymity and without being bothered by agents who receive your personal and private information in the form of real estate leads. What if you don’t like the RE/MAX Brokerage? Then you may not want to use their system to search for real estate and homes.

OMT, there are other real estate company websites who are gathering listings from other parts of the country. In some cases, which is the way of some of the real estate syndication websites, they are not getting the updates every few minutes. They sometimes take longer to update with the new and fresh real estate listings.

Real Estate Agent Websites

In my humble opinion, IMHO – these are the best places to search for homes and real estate. Disclaimer – “depending on who the Best real estate search websiteagent is and what their intentions are.” Real Estate and homes are most current within a real estate search system which is being fed listings derived by the local Boards of Realtors.

Every single real estate agent should have enough pride in their business to have a website which has the current multiple listing service real estate listings. These agents should also pride themselves not to SPAM, Harass or use anyone’s personal and private information against them at any time after registration.

It should always be that the real estate clients can search for all of the actual online real estate listings and see them in their totality. While I always mandate those using to search for real estate and homes register to do so. I know that I hate spam and will never engage in those tactics.

If the user does not want to use my services or has a friend/family member who has a real estate representation business, I’m good with that.  If they change their minds in the future and want to use me to be their real estate representative, I’m better with that 🙂

Real Estate BEST Referral Websites

This is the breakdown of real estate search online. There is one more type of real estate website you will see that pops up at the top of the real estate agent inquiries within the Major Search Engines. Google, Bing, etc… These are Lead Capture real estate websites which promote having the best real estate agents in the business for your use. They say they will put said BEST Realtors into touch with you for free. You are getting their services for FREE. However, they are charging the real estate agents for your personal and private information. Could it be those leads go to the agents wiling to pay for it?  That is indeed the case.

What about the real estate agents who are not paying for real estate leads? What about those agents who have a ton of referral business and know how to get their website to the top of the search engines by writing quality content, such as this real estate article about Searching for homes and real estate online?

There are a ton of real estate agents like me, or at least in the way of not paying for leads from these real estate syndication websites or the agent referral websites. I’m proud to serve my real estate clients and I’m always glad to be of service to all real estate needs.

Please reach to me at REMAX of Valencia and I will always honor you and make sure you are well taken care of. I have been in the real estate business since 1998 and have represented many real estate clients when it came to purchasing real estate and selling the same. I’m Connor T. MacIvor and I will be here for you when you are ready.




REMAX of Valencia on Bing for go SCV and Valencia Realtors

Gotta love our connected status within Bing and on their home and real estate search engine for REMAX of Valencia

I, Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Valencia, have been hard at work for our real estate sellers in Valencia and Santa Clarita, getting our branding up to the First Page within the Organic Search results.
real estate remax of valenciaThis equates to me being able to attract more attention from the listings we personally procure for our Valencia – Santa Clarita real estate sellers.
Here is how it works for us and my personal real estate team at REMAX of Valencia.
I write. I have done a lot of writing about the real estate sales and procurement scenarios within the Santa Clarita – Valencia housing markets.
With over 10,000 real estate articles on our main Blog for Santa Clarita Homes, we are on the top related to other local real estate agents. Visit our Santa Clarita real estate blog
I have produced over 2000 youtube videos about housing, the buying and selling process related to real estate. Visit our real estate youtube channel by going to
Facebook – forget about it! This is one of our systems that bring a huge return for our Valencia – Santa Clarita real estate sellers. Visit our SCVnest – Paris911 facebook page for Real Estate
We are also dug in deeper than Alabama Ticks on the following sites and systems:

REMAX of Valencia on Google Plus

REMAX of Valencia on Foursquare

REMAX of Valencia on Infogroup

All of this placement for our REMAX of Valencia real estate team gives our real estate sellers and buyers huge benefit and return on our investment of time and energy.

Reach out to me directly on our website – phone number is at the top and I’m glad to be of service.

14274 real estate listings are for sale in Southern California

The real estate listings in the Southern California cities – the Greater Los Angeles Areas and within the Santa Clarita Valley is just over 14,000 in number.

These are those where the agents have taken care and consideration to upload photos of the homes they are selling for their sellers.

Why would a real estate agent, almost 300, not upload real estate photos at the time they are entering a listing with the Multiple Listing Service on

Laziness would be my first guess. refreshes very often. However, some of the qualified real estate buyers are using real estate syndication websites like Trulia and Zillow. They may not be pulling the real estate information as often as a MLS based real estate website like

Therefore, those home buyers searching for home are going to miss the photos on 300 real estate listings which are showing up as “new” listings for sale.

The new real estate listings are what most buyers that have been searching are looking for. They have seen the old ones and have now curtailed their search only to show the newest real estate listings that are for sale.

Listings currently for Sale in Southern California

As you are able to see by the listings reflected above, we have currently 14,274 real estate listings that are currently for sale in Southern California.

As far as real estate listings without photos currently, because their real estate listing agents did not upload them at the time of publication – you can see there are 14,544 – roughly 270 homes listed for sale by the Seller’s chosen realtors who did not bother to even snap a single exterior photo from their phone to be uploaded with the listing.

No photo real estate listings for sale

I know, I sound irritated. This is bad real estate seller representation plain and simple.

As your agent what they are going to do first and how they are going to start the publication process on the home that they are selling for you.

Ask me and I’ll tell ya! – Have a GREAT day and reach out to me when you are ready for my assistance with your buying or selling of real estate needs.

National Housing Report by REMAX of Valencia May 2016

Good day everyone, here at REMAX of Valencia we present to you the national Housing Report for real estate and homes.

The Santa Clarita Valley differs from the National Market in the amounts of days it takes to sell a home locally.

Our Days on Market timeframes are much less than the national average. Which is GREAT news for real estate sellers.

Make sure you reach out to us to find out what your Valencia – Santa Clarita home is worth in the Current real estate market.

We are here for our clients 100% and vow to protect and secure your real estate interests.

I’m Connor and I’m glad to be of service to you and yours. Please take a moment to check out our REMAX of Valencia real estate website for further information on the current market. To search for Santa Clarita Valley real estate, we have the best search engines which are connected to the actual Multiple Listing Service MLS.

REMAX of Valencia and Santa Clarita Number One in 2016

REMAX of Valencia and Santa Clarita Number One

REMAX of Santa Clarita And Valencia 2016 performance

Looking at the other Large Brokerages – REMAX associates handled 17.3 transactions sides per agent – which is an amazing statistic.

For U.S. Residential transaction sides – we have covered over 960,000.

Brand awareness is at an all time high at 27.0 – compared with Realty Executives, ERA, Berkshire Hathaway, Coldwell Banker, Better Homes and Gardens, Keller Williams and Sotheby’s are mostly in the single digits – with the exception of Coldwell Banker and Century 21 – they have been around a long time but cannot trump REMAX, as you can see.

Speaking about REMAX’s reach in foreign countries, 95+ countries is where REMAX dominates the other real estate competition. I’m honored to be a member of such a powerful real estate brokerage, as REMAX is.

As of 2016, we have, at REMAX, 6,956 REMAX offices worldwide. This is definitely a plus for the home buyers and sellers in the world. Because of our connectability – we can really perform at a much higher level than the other real estate brokerages.

As an aside, more associates don’t always mean a better brokerage. Some agents allowed to join a real estate brokerage only have to have a heartbeat and the ability to sign their name, and of course pass the real estate exam.

REMAX Associates has over 104,000 real estate associates and is one of the top Brokerages in the United States and the World.

I know we had a lot of choices when it comes to who to join with and who we hitched up in the beginning.

We are REMAX by choice and we are Proud to be a Part of the REMAX Brand. Our sellers and buyers benefit too by our allegiance to the REMAX Brand.

When you are ready, reach out to me at REMAX of Valencia CA to handle your real estate needs. Let me know when you are ready and I’ll be there for you as I have been for so many others.

Make sure you listen to our Housing Radio real estate Broadcast. I do episodes that have a lot of GREAT information related to the real estate market, the buyer’s needs, and the seller’s advantages.


Circle of Blue Law Enforcement Referral Network

Proud Member law enforcement circle networkWe have been blessed to be the premier team for the Law Enforcement Network within the Santa Clarita and Los Angeles California Areas.

During our stint in the real estate trenches, since 1998, we have represented thousands of Law Enforcement officials when it comes to their real estate consultation and representation needs.

We are proud to present our latest LEO networking group and want you to be a part.

Let us know when you are ready to join on our cause regarding the Law Enforcement Officials you know, to be of the greatest service and assistance, as they do daily without selfish intentions.