Santa Clarita and Valencia REMAX Update show 2015-274

REMAX of ValenciaThe Santa Clarita Valley cities real estate and housing market recap for today is as follows:

In Santa Clarita Valley, We have a total of 92 real estate listings that hit the market in the past 7 days.

During the past 7 days, we have the following real estate information that has been encountered:

  • 65 real estate listings in the SCV Cities have had their prices changed
  • 32 real estate listings in the Santa Clarita have entered the market for sale again
  • I have been monitoring the 74 real estate listings that have entered back up offer status
  • 20 homes that were trying to be sold – did not sell
  • 52 real estate listings entered the pending status of escrow
  • 85 Santa Clarita listings sold during the past 7 days

Today is our truth in lending real estate radio show and we are going to cover the CFPB – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

They have made some changes to the lending and residential world for Santa Clarita real estate and in the rest of the world.

Now you have three days to review, as a real estate buyer, any changes to your loan program, interest rate or terms.

Changes in Interest Rate – any change of greater than 1/8th, as an increase, you have to be notified and given 3 days to review it.

If the interest rate is reduced – they don’t have to give you the same three days šŸ™‚

If the lender changes your loan program to another which is going to not be as good or friendly, they have to notify you and you have three days to review the changes. Such as a prepayment being added.

You have to be notified if the basic loan product changes. Maybe they moved you from a fixed to an adjustable loan, you have three days to review that too!

This will be increasing the time frames in which it takes to close real estate transactions.

Some of our clients and the lenders in our circles are panicked about these changes. I think the buyers in the world are going to be happier because it’s going to be hard for anyone to pull the wool over the eyes.

I’m Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Valencia CA and I’m Glad to be of service. Reach out to us at 663.400.3680 and at our REMAX of Valencia CA offices 661-284-5430

REMAX of Valencia Foreclosure and bank owned update 2015-273

Remax of valenciaThe bank owned and foreclosure update by the REMAX of Valencia Realtor Team.

We are the Local Realtors and care about each of our clients, wants and needs.

When it comes to representing our REMAX of Santa Clarita Clients – we first start with Santa Clarita real estate search.

Enjoy Today’s REMAX of Valencia YouTube Video and Radio show.

I’m Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Valencia – Search for Santa Clarita Foreclosures.

Valencia REMAX Daily Real Estate Radio show Discount Brokers

Valencia CA Property Market RisingWhen it comes to real estate, we at REMAX of Valencia are proud to present our real estate radio show, where we speak about the issues concerning real estate.

We have a seven day a week format where we speak about Valencia CA housing, the Valencia market and the homes that are currently listed for sale in Valencia. We also give kudos to the Surrounding cities within the Santa Clarita Valley areas.

During our tenure in Real Estate, we have seen many different markets. This has been since 1998, and continues today.

Being a full time real estate agent team has it’s benefits. This is all we do and our clients know it.

I was a part timer, back in the day, but always had a full time part of our business. That “Full Timer” was Paris MacIvor, my better half at REMAX of Valencia and in our Realty Business.

Make sure, if you are going to approach a Discount Real Estate broker, go to the source and don’t go through some third party company that is charging the agent a fee for your “lead” information!

This way, you will save even more money and not have to use a middleman in the hiring of a Discount Real Estate Broker in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Get to the Source – Call us and we will take great care of you. My phone number, 661-284-5427 is at the top of this page.

If you are going to stop by my REMAX of Valencia offices at 27720 Dickason Drive, Valencia CA – make sure you call before because I may be with other clients and showing or listing real estate!

Number One REMAX of Valencia Agent in California for LEO’s

Number 1 Agent of Leo's REMAX of ValenciaWe often talk about our start in the real estate business and our association with Law Enforcement, making us the number one agent team at REMAX of Valencia representing more LEO’s(Law Enforcement Officers) than any other Real Estate Team.

We chose REMAX of Valencia because it was the best fit for our clients. Having come from the LAPD, and Paris having come from the LASD, we founded our Real Estate business at REMAX of Valencia on protecting and serving the real estate interests of those who protect and serve for a living.

As someone in our offices once said, “That’s a pretty big claim…” Today, that has not changed, only in the way we are being utilized by those in theĀ private sector as well!

It’s not just the Law Enforcement Officers, LAPD, CHP, LASD, Military, Teachers and others “sworn to an oath”, that utilize our Paris911 / REMAX / SCVnest real estate services, we have the civilian population that trusts the way in which we operate.

The way I look at our business is simple, if LEO’s trust us with the biggest investment of their lives – then why don’t you?

Be safe – let me know when you are ready and I will take GREAT care of you in the protection and serving of your real estate needs in Southern California.

REMAX of Valencia presents What do the Statuses Mean in housing

Here at the SCVnest Team at REMAX of Valencia, we pride ourselves on giving you the best real estate related intel and news, as it applies to housing and real estate.

Santa Clarita Foreclosures and Distressed homesWhen we got a question a couple of weeks ago from a potential client, a buyer, who wanted to know why they were searching and only seeing “under contract” listings.

I explained that they were searching on the wrong internet website. They were searching on a real estate syndication website and not on the actual multiple listing service.

Another reason, having to do with the same thought process, is that the real estate syndication websites lack 100% of the permissions to advertise all of the multiple listing service listings from the various Boards of Realtors.

Read the Santa Clarita real estate statuses article

They have their work arounds, but at the end of the day, if a real estate seller does not want to have their listing show up on the real estate syndication websites, it won’t.

We have just prepared our YouTube Video showing the intel related to the various real estate statuses and what the differences between them are.

You will see me speak about a couple of the most asked about statusesĀ and the active real estate status. You will see how that applies to you and your housing search.

We also explain the best ways in which to search and how the real estate listing data ties into our REMAX of Valencia CA Sites.

When you are ready – let me know how I may serve you and please be safe and I appreciate it…

REMAX of Valencia CA on Google Plus

REMAX of Valencia on Google PlusREMAX of Valencia google plus

Our REMAX of Valencia CA Team has worked hard keeping ourselves on top of the World’s Social Media Platforms.

Google Plus has been quite a strong ally since Google’s entrance into the social media sphere.

Our clients see our updates as well as the buyers who are searching for our Real Estate sellers listings in Valencia – Santa Clarita and in the rest of Southern California.

When it comes to publicizing real estate listings, some say that “social media” cannot be beat. I am a firm believer in the spreading of intel in the social media context.

However, having said that, there is really nothing like using several methods of advertising and marketing with each and every real estate listing we procure.

Leaving it all up to a single method does our sellers no good and provides our buyers with lacking intel and data.

Please check our REMAX of Valencia google Plus Page via the link at the top of this posting and let us know when you are ready for our help!

REMAX of Valencia California Offices

REMAX of Valencia real estate officesREMAX of Valencia

Local Real Estate Offices of the Paris911 Team of Realtors.

We have some really special items to share reference to buyer and seller representation when it comes to real estate.

You will find many topics here, front and center, that will be of great assistance when it comes to purchasing and selling real estate in Valencia – Santa Clarita and in the Greater Southern California Areas.