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Today, we are going to get into the “new homes” and how they stack up when it comes to deciding on how the current real estate market is doing.

I’m Connor T. MacIvor, Santa Clarita Realtor, functioning within all of Southern California – Greater Los Angeles, and beyond.

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I make money by selling homes. Representing both buyers and sellers of real estate. However, I will never sacrifice anyone in order to line my pockets!  Never!

Looking at the new homes and the new home builder communities can make the difference between buying smart and making a mistake.

They don’t make mistakes. I’m looking back at at the market pre 2007. Watching the appraisers and lenders, it would have seemed like the real estate market was going to continue to break records regarding home prices escalating.

As history indicates – the pre 2007 real estate market was unable to continue, as it collapsed onto itself.

There are many reasons for this event, and most have been corrected. No longer is anyone’s “word” taken for how much they make, their employment and credit history.

Here is our latest real estate update market video for Valencia: