What is my home worth today?

Find out here what your Real Estate is Currently Worth!

What is it worth todayThe most important part of this question has to do with “time as it equates to value”. If you want ¬†know what your home is worth, in the present real estate market, then this is the resource for you.

At first, you will get a system generated value. The system will show you 180 days of homes that are close in comparison to yours.

Each home will be compared in square footage and bedrooms/bathrooms. Each will then be compared with your home, condo or town-home.

You won’t have to take my word for it. The system shows you exactly which homes is has compared yours to!

After you get that number and the direct links to the real estate¬†that your’s is being compare with, I will get to work.

I pull the intel related to the specific items your home has that may be better or worse than those that had closed.

I also weigh the homes, versus yours, that are currently on the market for sale.

In addition, I reach out to any of those real estate listings that are in escrow, back up or pending statuses, to see at what price the offer had been accepted for.

Buyer Drive is something that is also referenced on my specialized Home Valuation report.

As you are able to see, this is not some automated system that is spitting out value in order to obtain a lead for some unknown real estate agent willing to pay for it.

This is my system and I am REMAX of Valencia‘s Connor T. MacIvor, Realtor!